Current News & Updates

Take a look at some recent accolades and projects that we’ve been involved in!

Upcoming Mini-Series “Breaking”. Available on Patreon! Coming Soon


First Fridays

at Lyric Cinema

Join us on the first Friday of every month, yes, EVERY month! As we screen new films and music videos at the Lyric Cinema in Fort Collins, CO!

Upcoming Documentary

A Black Sparrow Media production

Always looking for projects that engage the community at a local level, this documentary focuses on the disparity of the homeless population in Fort Collins CO. Check out the teaser for it!!

Black Voices Movement

 “Black Sparrow Media is committing to create and promote art made by the Black community, including films and music Let's raise up the works and voices of the Black community. Black Sparrow Media will be utilizing it's platform to create content and establish a pipeline for black art to be seen by the world. On a local level, we'll have showcase nights at specific venues to bring attention to the art coming from the local community. On a national level, creating films and entertainment that can be enjoyed online as well. Our voices must be heard and our art must be lifted up and shared.  We will not let our voices be silenced. We will show others the beauty and impact Black art can have on communities everywhere.”

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