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Meet the crew

Our crew is small but mighty! Each member a master at their craft, we look forward whatever the next challenge may be! With a focus on projects that benefit local communities, we have experience working in small towns and major cities. The Black Sparrow Media crew will be there for you when you need them, and dedicate themselves to using their unique skill sets to provide you with a product that’s sure to be enjoyed far and wide!


Jamal Page - He/Him


Founder of Black Sparrow Media, Jamal steers the ship in a direction that will always value quality and impact over quantity or price. He has traveled the globe in search of ways to change as many lives as he could. As a child, he was a massive fan of all things cinema and film-making. His strengths in post-production and editing allows him to be a one man army on any project.


He brings a unique combination of order and playfulness to his crew.


Mollie McCoy - She/Her


A dedicated professional, Mollie excels at being the greeting party, the liaison, and the one keeping Black Sparrow Media on the front page.

A recent graduate of Metropolitan State University Denver, Mollie worked hard to achieve her degree in Journalism with a minor in Philosophy. A fan of films, photography, podcasts and all things media and entertainment, Mollie is an excellent example of the passion and work ethic that Black Sparrow Media represents!

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